Restless Night

A short story with some horror and suspense where a normal restless night becomes instantly creepy. 

I had fallen asleep with the T.V. on mute. The walls were illuminated by the flashing light of the television. My hand flopped around the bed searching for the remote. I gave up and grabbed my bed cover, but when I yanked it over my shoulder I exposed my feet to the chilly night. I sighed then drifted off to sleep. Minutes later, I felt something graze the sole of my foot.

My mind is playing tricks on me, I dozed off to sleep.

Minutes later, something graze my foot again only this time it pressed harder against my skin. I lifted my head slightly to look at my feet. They were alone, dangling slightly off the edge of the bed.

It’s the cold air, I scoot them under my blanket to keep them warm.

Minutes later, I felt something, like a fingernail, scraping against the skin of my foot. I was wide awake now and staring at the wall. The television gave off a blue hue which bounced around. My ears perked listening for any sound, but I heard nothing.

What do I do? I decided the most rational thing to do was hide my head under the blanket. It’s the cold air, yep, the cold air is tingling my skin, then I heard it. A loud breathing, each exhale grew louder and louder. I shut my eyes, I’m dreaming, it’s all a dream. I feel someone’s breath warm my toes. Instinctively, I sat up pulling the covers off my head. I saw him, or her, it was hard to tell. But, the person was crouching at the end of my bed grinning a toothless smiling and its eyes glistening under television light.

3 thoughts on “Restless Night

  1. I felt the ending could’ve been better. I mean, there was obviously someone and verifying it wasn’t that dramatic. After all, the writing skills displayed in your previous works did set the bar quite high. With great power comes great responsibility. 😉
    On an unrelated note, I’d suggest that you add a contact page or something in the menu. I was considering asking you for a guest post, and making requests on comments makes me feel extremely intrusive.

    Liked by 1 person

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