What Have I Done?

A short story that’s strange and twisted where a seemingly innocent car ride turns violent. Tosh finds thirteen year-old, Kathy riding her bike in the dense fog.

The maritime fog had forced its way inland showing no sign of retreating. Tosh nervously tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. What have I done?

The truck jerked heavily as it bounced along the dirt road. He checked on Kathy, who was staring out the passenger window unaware of his gaze.

Her red hair mesmerized him. She had a detached coolness to her demeanor that intrigued him. Yet, when she wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her sweater, he was reminded of her youthful innocence which he also loved.

She’s thirteen, but her freckled cheeks and skinny thighs still beckoned him. He leaned forward pretending to adjust the rearview mirror so to hide his erection. He winced when he caught sight of his pointy nose resembling a bird’s beak.

“So, why were you riding your bike at five in the morning?” he said pushing away the mirror.

His voice startled Kathy forcing her to sit up. Her eyes darted around while her mind searched for an answer, but nothing came out.

“I heard you like to ride your bike in the mountains,” he said as Kathy zipped up her hoodie, “Lucky, I was driving by or you could’ve been hit by car,” she continued to look out the window.

He put the car in park then turned off the engine, “You know, I always knew you were different, more mature than other girls.”

Kathy had a puzzled look as he tossed the keys on the dashboard. He slid closer to her unable to resist twirling her red hair between his fingers. She blushed as he stroked the side of her face with his hand. He smiled.

“I won’t hurt you,”

Little did he know that something lurked within Kathy. Her heart raced, her pupils dilated, blood rushed to her arms and legs. His lips pressed against hers.

She bit his lower lip feeling the blood trickle down her throat. She tore away his lip along with the skin of his chin leaving his white teeth exposed. Blood spewed onto his shirt and lap. He tried to speak, but couldn’t form the words. He let out a screeching cry. Kathy dug her nails into the dashboard as though she were trying to stop something inside of her from coming out. Tosh opened the driver’s side door then looked to Kathy, but saw only the passenger door flung open.

He fell to the dirt where he saw her hiding beneath the truck. Her eyes glowed, her face smothered in his blood. She sprang towards him crawling on all four like a feral animal. She grabbed his head biting into his eyes till they fell into her mouth. He screamed while trying to push her away, but she had used her knees to pin his arms. She squeezed the sides of his temples till his skull cracked.

When it was all done, she stared at the mixture of brain matter and dirt.

“What have I done?” she said.


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