National Oversight Agency

A short story about war time.  A man has a typical day of spying.

The main office was a maze of cubicles. Eugene stopped to chat with a  few coworkers. When he reached his cubicle he sat down and opened his bag of chips. He reached for the mini-fridge he kept under his desk to grab a soda can. He popped it open.

He typed into the search bar:

Molly Park’s information popped up: her cellphone number, address, and driver’s license.

He sifted through her information till he found it and after a few clicks a window opened showing a young girl of about twenty laying naked on her bed.

She was on her bellying with her legs and buttocks facing the camera on her laptop. She kicked her feet back and forth. Eugene noticed she was on her cellphone. He clicked on the phone number attached to her email and a second window popped open.

He watched her play a game of solitaire then he searched through her selfies emailing himself, via a secure line, all the nude photos she had sent her boyfriend who had been deployed a few months back.

She sat up to stretch her arms. Eugene now had a live-shot of her perky breasts. He smiled thinking of how much he loved his job at the National Oversight Agency.

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

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