The Mysterious Car

Here is a frightening and suspenseful short story about a woman who investigates a mysterious car flashing its lights in the middle of the dark.

The patio was empty and cold, but the rainy night was a refreshing break from the musky bar. She had a view of the parking lot and the road leading back to civilization, but everything else was darkness.

“It’s gettin’ cold” she said to no one, “glad I wore jeans,” she laughed remembering how her grandmother talked to herself when she thought no one was looking, “Miss ya, Nanna.”

Her reminiscing was interrupted by a set of lights. Less than a mile into the blackness a pair of headlights gleamed once, then twice, then a third time.

“Probably off-roaders,” she said when the car engine revved loudly.

She stood staring at the spot where the lights had flashed. She didn’t know why, but she was scared. Her hands tightly clenched the wood railing when something grabbed her wrists. She spun around coming face-to-face with Riley.

“Asshole!” she said punching him lightly in the shoulder.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist you seemed so deep in thought,” Riley opened his arms as if to say sorry.

They hugged, but when she pulled away Riley leaned into to kiss her. She turned away. The rejection left an awkward feeling in the air. Riley leaned against the wood rail on his elbows and stared into the darkness.

“See you inside,” he said. The door creaked open, flooding the patio with music then there was silence as the door slammed shut.

She glanced over to the darkness then the headlights flickered again, then again.

“Don’t do it,” she said, “what if they need help?” she bit her lip and began fidgeting.

Again, the car engine roared and the headlights flashed. She thought about getting Riley, but she shook her head, zipped her jacket and pulled up her hoodie.

The ground was riddled with mud. She walked into the dark feeling her shoes slick across the mud. The rain poured down, she nearly lost her footing, but regained it. She glanced back at the patio light.

“Stupid girl, stupid girl” said she said.

She slipped in the mud falling to the ground, she rose to her feet then someone grabbed a chunk of her hair and hoodie. She was thrown against the mud. A knee pressed into her stomach. Her hands searched the dark for a rock, a branch, anything.

She screamed, but a thick hand covered her mouth. The salty wet mud filled her mouth. A hand groped around her pants. She wiggle beneath the weight then a heavy fist slammed into her nose once, then twice, then a third time. Her nose was numb and her head dizzy.

“Stupid girl, stupid girl” said a voice. A pair of hands flipped her over unbuttoning her pants pulling them to her ankles. She screamed, but this time a fist crashed into her teeth.  Dazed, she didn’t fight back as she was flipped to her stomach.

Raindrops fell onto her buttocks. She felt her skin ripping and tearing.

Riley stepped onto the patio, he glanced around searching for her, then went back inside.


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