The Clingy Gender

Here is a short story about relationship and heartache. Two friends discuss clingy dates.

“Why are girls so clingy?” said Sean pushing the grocery cart down the frozen food aisle.

“After we had sex, she completely changed,”said Renaldo as he ran his hand through his wavy hair, “Now, she’s calling asking how my day went, making me dinner, and planning our weekends,” he opened the freezer door pulling out several boxes of pizza then tossing them into the cart, “it’s been four months for crying out loud.”

“What are you gonna do?” asked Sean stacking the pizza boxes properly so they weren’t scattered all over the cart.

“I was thinking of texting her and saying “I don’t feel the same way”,” said Renaldo.

“Isn’t that kinda cold?” said Sean who caught his reflection on the glass door and adjusted his baseball cap which covered his balding head.

“Yeah, but it’ll be easier on her, besides it’s not like we’re a couple,” said Renaldo.

“Wait, didn’t you say I love you?” said Sean as they continued down the aisle.

“Yeah, but we were in the middle of doing it,” said Renaldo, “it’s not the same.”

“So when are you gonna do it?”

“After the weekend, she got us tickets to that music festival out in the desert,” said Renaldo.

“Lucky bastard,” said Sean.

They turned the corner to walk down the next row when Renaldo spotted her. He was always stunned by her beauty. She had tan, long legs and thick hair which skirted around her waistline.  She was standing beside her slightly shorter friend. He shouted her name.Once Renee spotted them she smiled and walked over dragging her friend by the elbow.

Renee introduced them to Jules her younger sister and new roommate. They talked about work then their plans for the weekend. The girls’ jaws dropped when Renaldo told them about the music festival. He omitted the fact his non-girlfriend bought the tickets.

“So, you still go to 17th Street?” Renaldo asked.

“The bar next to the college? Yeah, sometimes” said Renee then her phone vibrated she glanced at it and smiled. Her new crush had texted her.

“Next Saturday there’s going to be a live band,” he looked to Renee who was preoccupied with her phone, “Sean and I were thinking of checking it out if you girls wanna join us.”

Renee glanced over to Jules, who was bored and had started fidgeting with the magazines in her hands. Neither seemed interested in going to the bar and Renaldo sensed their hesitancy.

“First round of drinks is on me,” said Renaldo.

“First and second” said Jules with a smirk.

Renaldo had to impress Renee.

“Absolutely,” he said.

As they parted ways Jules leaned into Renee and said, “So who is Renaldo?”

“Oh, he’s just a friend of a friend,” said Renee waving her hand as though he didn’t matter.

“He clearly likes you” said Jules.

“I know, but he’s too desperate, ya know?”

“Yeah, I noticed” said Jules, “First round of drinks is one me,” she said mockingly, “We could definitely get free drinks from the guy all night.”

“He’s so annoying, every time we hangout he’s all over me and if a guy talks to me postures himself in a way that says she’s mine bro,” said Renee in a slight mocking tone.

“Why are guys so clingy?” said Jules.

Response to  Daily Prompt: Cling


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