Here is a short story involving suspense and horror, where a man comes home to find his wife missing and blood everywhere.

The keys jingled as he unlocked the door. His skin was red from the plastic grocery bags digging into his fingers. He kicked open the door immediately smelling the metallic aroma.

A thin grey cloud enveloped every corner of the apartment. In the kitchen a pot had been left on the burning stove.

He dumped the bags onto the small kitchen table then grabbed the oven mitt resting on the counter. Smoke emanated from the pot’s plastic handle. He felt the heat through the thick layers of cloth.

“Marley!” he yelled placing the pot in the sink while tilting his head away, “Marley, babe!” he switched off the stove, “Mar-”then he saw the living room.

The couch was stained with red streaks he moved closer noticing the bloody handprints on the seat cushions. The coffee table had been smashed to pieces its shattered glass crunched beneath his steps.

“Marley?!” he yelled for his wife again while backing away from the living room. He dug into his pocket yanking out his phone.

“911, what’s you’re emergency?” said the operator.

He gave his name and address when they asked about his wife was he looked towards the bedroom door its handle was covered in blood. Without thinking he dropped his phone.

“Sir, hello. Are you there?” said the operator as the phone thudded against the carpet.

Like the couch, the carpet and walls were marked with red streaks followed by bloody handprints. He passed the bathroom where the mirror had been shattered to pieces. His wife’s underwear had been ripped off and thrown just inches from the bedroom door.

In the distance he could hear the operator’s indistinct voice. He reached for the handle feeling its wetness. His throat throbbed, his ears rang. He opened the door anticipating what he would find.

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

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