Follow the Fish

Here is a short story about heartbreak and heartache where a little girl’s world crumbles to pieces when her father is taken away by rebels. 

“Where are we meeting tonight?” she asked.

“The ocean?” said her father.

Her legs dangled from the branch. Wind rustled the leaves above them.

“Tonight, I’ll dream of an ocean and you’ll find me on a boat with a white sail” he said.

He rose to his feet and stretched out his hands waiting for her to jump. She smiled.

His eyes were always rich and moist as though a wet paint brush had touched his irises. She leapt off.

His arms tightened around her. The earth could shatter to pieces, she thought, but he’d never let her go.

She rested her cheek on his shoulder and picked at his hair as if it were a flower petal.

“You’ll find me-” she began to whisper, but a truck’s loud roar broke the mood.

Her father set her down on the floor as he watched the truck bobble along the road, its engine roared. Quickly, he knelt on one knee and kissed her forehead. He wrapped his hands around her tiny face.

“Sweetheart, remember I love you,” her eyes began to water, he wiped away the tears from her cheeks then he kissed her forehead again, “I love you, always.”

Before the car stopped, three men wearing black masks jumped out and ran towards her father. He held his hands up asking them to leave his daughter alone. They shoved and pushed him towards the truck while pointing their rifles at his back.

Her stomach sank as the truck turned around, then she remembered the dream. How would he find her? she thought to herself.

Her father sat surrounded by men in black masks. She ran towards the truck and screamed, “I’ll see you tonight, Papa!”

He raised his hand as though to say goodbye.

“Papa! You’ll find me where the fish swim!” she screamed as tears streamed down her face. The truck sped away, but she yelled, “Papa, follow the fish!”

The Daily Post Prompt: Fish 

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