Here is a short story that’s a bit strange and twisted. Four men find themselves stranded on a raft and hungry. 

Damien pounced on the boy pinning him to the floor then raised a knife to the boy’s neck. But, before he could slice him open, Steven and Pullo stopped him. Pullo pried the knife from Damien’s fingers as Steven pulled at the boy dragging him away.

The four stranded men sat on opposite ends of the inflatable raft. They bounced, rising and falling with the wild current. The boy, Tommy, hung his head over the side of the boat. Fear or sea sickness had caused his stomach to hurl. All four men had sunburnt skin, cracked lips, and clothes stained with sweat.

Damien was the first to break the silence,“We need to eat.”

“It’s immoral.” said Steven.

“It ain’t right.” said Pullo.

“I don’t want to die.” said Tommy, all three stared back at him.

Tommy’s plea brought back the silence.

“It’s been eight day. We won’t survive another night unless we eat and we’ve had zero luck catching them damn fish!” said Damien standing to his feet, suddenly everyone was on their feet. Except Tommy, who was still vomiting into the ocean.

“Think of you’re families.” pleaded Damien.

“I want to see my family, too” said Tommy.

There was silence again.

“We can’t lose are morals out here, we can-” before Steven could finish his sentence, Pullo had pushed Tommy’s head into the ocean and jabbed the knife into Tommy’s neck. Blood dripped and stained the ocean.

Tommy’s body quivered and shook before going limp. Damien snatched the knife from Pullo and began cutting away pieces of flesh then shoving them into his mouth while handing Pullo his share.

Steven had no time to react. He watch teeth bite into skin and blood drip from the sides of their mouths. He turned away staring to the horizon.

Pullo cut into Tommy’s chest and carved out a thick sliver of meat; he peeled off the skin then walked on his knees to Seven.

“Live or die, Steven.” said Pullo holding the bloody red meat to Steven.

Steven thought about his family and the sharp hunger which ate at his body. He grabbed the piece of meat and shoved it into his mouth.

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