A Sincere Psychopath

Here is a strange and twisted short story about a psychopathic, career-driven woman. Malory has unexpected plans for her boyfriend, Roger. 

She sat at her desk tapping away on her computer. To her back was a magnificent skyline, meanwhile boredom loomed above her. The door clicked open. Her secretary’s heels clicked then stopped.

“He’s here, Ms. Dawn.”

Malory nodded and the clicking heels retreated. Before Roger entered, she could smell his musky cologne. He wore a pressed suit, white shirt, no tie, and with the top button  undone. How predictable.

“Mally, I’m sorry,” he took a seat in a chair in front of her desk, “we flirted, but it meant nothing, honestly.”

She glanced quickly at the thin watch on her wrist. This shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. She lowered her head as though in prayer then glanced at him. She smiled shyly.

“I love it when you call me Mally,” she hated it when he called her Mally, but she knew he’d smile at this. Of course he would, Roger always reveled in what he thought was a victory over her heart.

“I didn’t cheat, babe,” he crossed his legs. He was lying and she knew it, “I’d be stupid to lose someone as perfect and beautiful as you.”

He moseyed over to her to sit on the edge of her desk. With his hands, he cupped her face. She hated when he did this, but she smiled anyways. Her hand slid from his knee to his crotch. Their lips locked. He pushed his tongue between her lips. She hated his thick tongue and how he slobbered all over her face.

“That’s my girl,” he pulled away to admire his reflection in the window, “so we good?” he said while hiding his insincerity behind a boyish grin.

Malory stood to press her palms against his hard chest. Her hands slid to his neck. She touched his soft hair and smiled. He leaned in to kiss her. Once again, his tongue thrusted into her mouth.

“Are we still on for tonight?” he said between kisses.

She thought about tonight. They’d be drunk on wine and after some light teasing she’d straddle Roger on his leather couch. When he was inches deep in ecstasy, she’d slice his throat open with a knife. He’d grasp at his throat and stare into her eyes wondering why.

She loved her job, not this joke of an office, but her real job. With these thoughts in mind, she smiled and with sincerity said, “I can’t wait.”

WordPress Daily Prompt: Sincerity 

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