Three nights

Here is a scary story involving roommates. Zachery’s roommate, Ron, has a creepy, new girlfriend who is far from ordinary. 


Zachery woke to a loud scratching, like fingernails on wood. He stumbled in the dark with his eyes barely open. A whisper caught him off guard and, while distracted, he stubbed his toe.

He followed the muffled voices down the hallway to Ron’s room. He tilted his head, but the whispers stopped.

He’s gotta a girl, He thought to himself.

With a grin on his face, he walked down the hallway. The carpet gave a squeak.  He glanced over his shoulder. His smile vanished at the sight of her. Ron’s door was ajar and peeking from the darkened crack were a pair of bulging eyes staring at him.

“Stay away!” she said in a coarse, loud whisper. Then the door slammed shut.


“There wasn’t a girl man,” said Ron yawning while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“I saw her,” Zachery sipped his coffee while shivering at the thought of her.

“You heard wrong,” Ron scarfed down his toast.

The conversation continued as they left the apartment.


Zachery sat up listening to the muffled voices coming from Ron’s room. He shook his head wondering why Ron lied to him. His throat was parched. He tip-toed past Ron’s door and the whispers stopped.

Once in the kitchen, he pushed a cup beneath the faucet then chugged down the water. Before going back to his room, he paused in front of Ron’s door. Bed sheets shuffled and what sounded like a pair of tiny feet thumping across the carpet. Bang! She had slammed herself against the door.“Stay away!” she screeched.

Zachery ran slamming his bedroom door.


“She’s crazy!”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Ron poured some coffee into his cup, the bags under his eyes weighed down his face.

“she sacred the shi-”

“Would you shut up! I don’t have a girl!” Ron slammed his cup on the table so forcefully that coffee had poured onto his hand. He winced, Zachery grabbed Ron’s hand shoving it under the faucet.


Zachery couldn’t sleep. He waited in the living room for Ron’s girl to come over.

11:15 pm: Nothing.

12:10 am: Nothing.

1:30 am: Zachery dozed off for a few minutes.

1:45 a.m. The whispers started.

Zachery leaped off the couch wondering how Ron snuck her inside. He stared at the door as the whispers grew louder. He sat back down.

Ron’s a big boy, he thought to himself, if he wants to date a crazy woman that’s his deal.

His eyelids were heavy and just as he was about to close them, he heard a scream. Zachery ran to Ron’s door, but it was locked. He threw his weight against it till the wood split and the door opened. The room was dark, but he could see a crouching figure perched on Ron’s chest. Her hands were talons that she used to peel the skin off Ron’s chest. With her face smothered in blood, she stared into Zachery’s eyes and let out screeching cry.






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